Scandinavia | 161 mins | 4:3 | English subtitles

Flowers and bees – and no holes barred!

Nice Scandinavian summer… You know, flowers, bees and the lot… The sap rises… Lovelust is at it’s peak… and anything can happen! Don’t miss Mike Beck’s amazing collectors movie! The most of the best of Scandinavian summersex. Copulation with a collectors value…

Sanna Suomi, Liselott XXX, Anette, Pirya, Linda, Lotta, Mandy Sixx, Isabella, Christina, Monica, Eva Malm, Sabina, Nicole Wolf, Katarina Andersson, Maya Shakur, Linda Thoren, Jannicka, Shavon Smith, Johanna Larsson, Kim, Porno Lasse, Jens XP, Nick the Dick, Samson Biceps, Don DK, Jocke

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