Here you can get access to the best in high-quality erotica, with beautiful and natural models from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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This site is operated by nordicXstream.com in cooperation with NAE Group Sweden AB. One of Scandinavia’s largest producers of adult content and publisher of magazines such as ‘Aktuell Rapport’, ‘Cats’ and distributor of popular film series like ‘Swedish/Norwegian/Danish Amateurs’ and ‘Swedish Premiere’.

Here you’ll find a wide and varied selection of erotic movies. The focus is on feature films, but you’ll even find many hours of amateur, gonzo, privately recorded porn/amateur and kinky material. As a supplement to many of the feature films, you will also get access to several hours of exciting ‘behind the scenes’ material.

The list of movies is updated every week.

You can watch movies with some of the most popular Scandinavian models of all time, like Caroline Andersen, Linda Lust, Sabina Star, Pirya, Puma Marianna Moore, Sanna Rough, Cheetah, Annette, Darla Delovely, Alexandra Hjort, Nikki Dane, Bambi Ink, Josefine, Jens XP, Dora Venter, Nikita, Aya Nielsen, Märtha Karlsson, Hannah, Vanessa Blond, Natalie North, Jessica Juver, Barbie, Trinda Throng, Elise, Rosita and many lovely amateurs.

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We offer both subscription based streaming and download or streaming of individual titles. You can buy streaming of single titles HERE and you have 48 hrs to watch the film. If you buy download of a title, you have 24 hrs to download the film and then it’s yours forever.

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All films are remastered in the best possible quality. All films are mp4 format, 16:9 or 4:3 DVD quality and are typically between 1-2 GB in size.

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Downloaded files are compatible with most media players. (Like Tvix, Xtreamer, WD, Boxee, Apple-TV)

We recommend using VLC player when playing downloaded titles on your PC or MAC. It supports the subtitles available on selected movies. You can download it for free HERE.

On iPhone or iPad you can use one of the free video players that also support subtitles, like KX Player or Infuse, both available on the Appstore. Please notice that you are able to stream but NOT directly download films to your iPhone or iPad, as Apples operating system iOS doesn’t allow this and streaming via Airplay on Apple-TV also isn’t possible. But you can easily download the film on your PC or MAC and then transfer it to your iPhone or iPad and then stream via Airplay on Apple-TV.

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Many of our films are subtitled in your language, and we are working continuously to increase the number.

If a film is not available with subtitles in your language, you can easily select a different version of the film by clicking on the flags in top right corner.



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